Bloody Sunday has become synonymous with the darkest period of the Troubles in Northern Ireland. But how did a protest march on January 30th 1972 lead to a massacre? Thirteen people were killed and a further 15 wounded after members of the Army's Parachute Regiment opened fire on civil rights demonstrators in the Bogside - a predominantly Catholic part of Londonderry (Derry). The image of a Catholic priest waving a blood-stained handkerchief as he helped a victim to safety was broadcast around the world. The Saville Inquiry, set up by Tony Blair in 1998, found that none of the casualties were posing a threat or doing anything that would justify their shooting. Victims' families have waited 47 years to see if there would be prosecutions. One former British paratrooper is to be charged with the murder of James Wray and William McKinney, and for the attempted murders of Joseph Friel, Michael Quinn, Joe Mahon and Patrick O’Donnell. #BloodySunday Report by Louee Dessent-Jackson.

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