Thursday Feb. 6th


to engineer = concevoir / a brand = une marque / casual = normal, ordinaire / to dye = teindre / weight = le poids / thin = mince, fin(e) / harassment = le harcèlement

I'm sick of = j'en ai marre de...

Thursday Jan. 30th

Songs 1T3

To conclude, all songs are about the relationships between men and women. But over time, women have won many fights: equality at home, at work, and the right to dress the way they want. The last fight is maybe RESPECT.

Thursday 16th + Friday 24th

Empowering women are women who transmit a positive message to other women. For example Beyonce’s message is that women can improve (=améliorer) their situations, they can erase (=effacer) stereotypes. An empowering woman is someone who makes other women understand that they are strong (=fortes), that they can do politics / they can be politicians like Michelle Obama (who was the first Black First Lady from 2008 to 2016), they can work like men and do whatever they want (tout ce qu’elles veulent), because the skin color is not important.

But the situation of women hasn’t always changed since 1943 and Josie the Riveter (war poster)

 Women’s empowerment can take different forms: helping women get educated, making women more represented in politics, in sport etc... The most important is education because when you get knowledge (des connaissances, du savoir), you can defend your rights (les droits) and become independent.